A triumph of flavors and new tastes for the oldest tradition!

Panciuc - handcrafted Panettone soaked with liqueurs

A blend of fragrances and aromas to satisfy even the most demanding palates with its elegant refined flavour and its incredibile delicacy. A superior, exclusive and unique experience,perfect to be tasted all the year.


Panciuc orange soaked with Grand Marnier
Panciuc lemon IGP of Sorrento soaked with lemon liqueur
Panciuc candied chestnuts soaked with Caribbean Rhum 7 years
Panciuc pears and chocolate soaked with pear liqueur
Panciuc coconut and pineapple soaked with Caribbean Rhum 7 anni
Panciuc ginger and chocolate soaked with Vanilla liqueur
Panciuc soaked with Passito Moscato of Strevi DOC