The sweet flavour of tradition!

Pasticceria Aliverti, since 1955 a delicious journey into the Italian tradition!

Pasticceria Aliverti

since 1955

A delicious journey into the Italian tradition!


Pasticceria Aliverti snc is an Artisan Sweet Food company founded in 1955 in Arona, a charming town on the Mayor Lake.


Our goal is to convey our values through each products: quality, love, passion and flavor intensity.


We follow traditional recipes handed down through generations making them unique by selecting with great care the best ingredients in the Italian market.

We want everyone to taste an important piece of Italian quality at an affordable price as a fundamental value to cultural growth and quality of life improvement.


Our mission is to create healthy, delicious, exclusive and unique artisanal products selecting excellent ingredients. We want you to live a unique taste experience of the Italian Artisanal Tradition.


Our vision is contribute to the diffusion of the “Made in Italy” and “eating well, eating healthy” in the world becoming a point of reference for Italian food lovers.


Our values are Love for the land and the Italian tradition, respect for nature, protection for the environment and human welfare.

With a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, our commitment is to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients always keeping in mind the values of respect, responsability, honesty and integrity.


Eating well, eating healthy and eating Italian: that’s an art! The art of our pastry making consist of this: creating confectionery, conserving the ingredients, respecting quality and fragrances which only nature can provide and that only artisanal preparation can preserve. Our products are unique... like our life... like our land...and like us...!


We believe deeply in the people linked to the Italian Artisan Tradition!





Come and try our specialities!

Our shop with its wide selection offers not only cakes and pastries, but also tea room, coffee bar, ice-creams and an aperitif area. 

Enjoy a sweet experience!

At Pasticceria Aliverti you can find a wide selection of fresh cakes and pastries and bakery products, in addition to tortes and chocolate specialities.