The sweet flavour of tradition!

Pasticceria Aliverti, a passion for cakes and pastries since 1955

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Flexibility, dynamism and solid artisan tradition are the distinguishing features of our business.  Our strength is the quality of our products which are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity; what we desire most is to deserve the trust and loyalty of our customers.  Pasticceria Aliverti takes consumer health seriously and produces delicious cakes and pastries without preservatives, artificial colourings, hydrogenated fats or chemical additives.  Our extensive product range offers customers products to suit all  occasions and times of the day. 

Come and try our specialities!

Our shop with its wide selection offers not only cakes and pastries, but also tea room, coffee bar, ice-creams and an aperitif area. 

Enjoy a sweet experience!

At Pasticceria Aliverti you can find a wide selection of fresh cakes and pastries and bakery products, in addition to tortes and chocolate specialities.